The Interactive Language Program is designed to help children and adults improve various Auditory Processing skills such as:

-Phonemic Awareness

- Auditory Memory

-Auditory Figure Ground

-Dichotic Listening




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Sensory Processing
Gross Motor Development
Fine Motor Development
Visual Perception
Self-Care Skills
Handwriting Skills
Adaptive Behavior
Prevocational Skills for Teens & Adolescents
Integrated Listening Systems
Typing Skills
Organization Skills

Receptive Language

Expressive Language

Articulation/Phonological Processes

Auditory Processing

Social Language

Reasoning Skills

Oral Motor Exercises

Adaptive Behavior

Written Language

Reading/Spelling Skills

Augmentative Communication

iLs Integrated



Blue Cross Provider

The Orton-Gillingham program
 is a multi-sensory approach to reading. 

New concepts are introduced by incorporating all learning pathways: 

These methods help cultivate an understanding of language that beginning readers need to develop important literacy skills.

iLp Integrated


The Integrated Listening Program has a global effect on the brain and the central nervous system, influencing the following systems:


-Visual Processing

-Auditory Processing

-Motor Skills


-Behavior and Emotional Regulation

Social Skills

Puzzle Piece has created a unique program to help your child use language to problem-solve peer and family interactions while developing social skills to nourish relationships.

Applying the principles of SocialThinking!, we will teach your child strategies and tools to help him or her thrive in a social group setting.

Learn more about SocialThinking!